Ovid Illustrated: The Reception of Ovid's
Metamorphoses in Image and Text

P. Ovidii Nasonis Metamorphoseon Libri XV Cum Appositis Italico Carmine* Interpretationibus ac Notis, 5 vols. (Florence, 1824, repr. 1832)
  * This is Anguillara's wordy translation from 1584, here included in a lavish bilingual production; the 1824/32 illustrations, primarily the work of the Dante illustrator Luigi Ademollo/Ademolli, show some variations not indexed in our present sampling of plates. The 1824 first edition is scanned (not especially well) and available via Google Books; the 1832 second edition, which has not been scanned, is available in the Special Collections of U.Va. Library.
Book I
The Golden Age   The Silver Age   The Bronze Age   The Iron Age   War of the Giants against Jove   Council of the Gods   Lycaon into a Wolf   The Flood   Pyrrha and Deucalion   Neptune Calming the Waves   Restoration of the Human Race   Serpent Defeated by Phoebus   Phoebus and Daphne   Daphne into a Laurel   Jove in Love with Io   Inachus Bereaved   Syrinx into a Reed   Mercury Puts Argus to Sleep
Book II
The Palace of the Sun   Phaethon Drives the Chariot of the Sun   Phaethon Is Blasted by Jove   Disgruntled Apollo Refuses to Drive   Heliades into Trees that Yield Amber   Callisto Is Turned into a Bear   Erichthonius with Dragon's Feet   Neptune and Coronis   Coronis Is Killed by Apollo   Ocyrrhoe into a Mare   Mercury Falls in Love with Herse   Minerva Visits Envy   Aglauros and Envy   Aglauros into a Stone   Europa
Book III
Cadmus Sets Out   The Serpent Is Killed by Cadmus   Soldiers Spring from the Serpent's Teeth   Actaeon into a Stag   Semele Is Deceived   Semele Is Thunderstruck   Tiresias Prophesies   Echo and Narcissus   Narcissus into a Flower   Tiresias Dismissed by Pentheus   Bacchus' Rites or Triumph   Pentheus Persecutes Bacchus' Disciples   Pentheus Is Torn Apart by Bacchantes
Book IV
Minyades   Pyramus and Thisbe   Apollo's Disguise   Clytie into a Flower   Athamas Insane   Cadmus into a Serpent   Perseus Beheads Medusa   Atlas into a Mountain   Perseus and Andromeda
Book V
Phineus and Friends into Stone   The Muses   Cyane and the Rape of Proserpina   A Boy into a Lizard   Arethusa into a Fountain
Book VI
Arachne into a Spider   Niobe Is Slain with Her Children   Lycian Rustics into Frogs   Marsyas Is Flayed by Apollo   Procne, Philomela, and Tereus Driven Insane   Orithyia Is Raped by Boreas
Book VII
Jason Puts the Dragon to Sleep   Pelias with His Daughters   Hercules and Cerberus   Theseus Recognized   Cephalus and Procris
Theseus and Ariadne   Bacchus and Ariadne   Daedalus and Icarus   Meleager and Atalanta   Erysichthon's Pride
Book IX
Hercules and Achelous   Nessus and Deianira   Hercules on the Pyre   Dryope into a Tree
Book X
The Death of Eurydice   Orpheus in Hell   Cyparissus into a Tree   Ganymede Carried Off into Heaven   The Birth of Adonis   Atalanta and Hippomenes   Death of Adonis
Book XI
Pan and Apollo   Hercules Saves Hesione   Ceyx and Alcyone
Book XII
The Sacrifice of Iphigenia
Paris Kills Achilles   Polyxena Is Sacrificed
Book XIV
Pomona and Vertumnus
Book XV
  Pythagoras Teaches   The Killing of Julius Caesar

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