The Metamorphoses
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The Electronic Text Center's holdings include a variety of Metamorphoses resources. The third link directs users to a U.Va.-hosted version of the Latin text (apparently from Ehwald's edition, ca. 1903) and to eight other digitized versions of the Latin, some scanned and some fully transcribed with additional markup refinements, while the following link directs users to five English translations by Golding, Sandys, Garth, Brookes More, and Anthony S. Kline. The Ehwald Latin text and the 18th-c. Garth paraphrase are cross-linked so that users may browse or search both texts together; via the "New Window" links at the start of each book, you may now browse the Latin with Sandys' 1632 verse and Kline's modern prose rendering as well. The fifth link on this page is to our growing archive of pictorial and textual responses to Ovid's great poem, featuring many lavish cycles of Ovid illustrations and a medley of audacious and cautious reworkings and readings in Latin, Greek, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, and English; click the verse-links and icons accessed through our Notes to view any text and image concurrently.
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Ovid Illustrated: the Reception of Ovid's Metamorphoses in Image and Text
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