Isaac de Benserade, Métamorphoses en rondeaux, illus. Le Clerc, Chauveau, and Le Brun (Paris, 1676, reengr. C. van Hagen, Amsterdam, 1679/1697). Along with van Hagen's figures, featured here as our primary links, and a few of the figures from the 1676 first edition (= I), we link to reengravings by Johann U. Krauss ( = II: Die Verwandlungen des Ovidii: in zweyhundert und sechs- und zwantzig Kupffern [Augsburg, n. d. = 1690; cf. Henkel 136-40]) and F. Ertinger (Ovid cycle adapted for Metamorphoses translations of Thomas Corneille [Paris-Liege, 1697-98] and Abbé Morvan de Bellegarde [Paris, 1701]).*
 *Check our All-Change notes-links page to reconcile these texts' scene-sequence with Ovid's, and cf. the still later reworkings of these figures in two other Ovidian cycles both published in 1801. The first eighty-three of the images from the Paris first edition of 1676, with more possibly to come, may be viewed (searching titre: rondeaux) at the useful French site Utpictura18. Krauss's volume may also be viewed on a microfilm (German baroque literature, Harold Jantz collection, no. 1542, reel 308). Our copy of van Hagen's Ovid cycle in two volumes (sharp reversed reengravings of all the original figures) includes several hand-colored entries; we have restored the correct sequence for the first several leaves of vol. 2 (wrongly ordered in our re-bound copy) and have used other sources for Figure 1 (Chaos) and Rondeau 2 (Creation of Man) from the missing sig. A8 = pp. 3-4 of vol. 1. We also include parallel links to the lst illust. ed. (= i) of Thomas Corneille's Les métamorphoses d'Ovide mises en vers françois, ill. F. Ertinger, Paris, 1697, drawing broadly on Le Brun, and to the 2nd single-scene-illust. ed. of Corneille's French (= ii, Liege, 1698, vols. 1, 2, and 3) with inferior anonymous reengravings (complete here but for 115 Hyrie). We could scan only vols. 1 and 2 of Ertinger, 1697 (= Met. 1-10); the same figures are reused to accompany Bellegarde's prose translation of 1701, from which we take the figures for Met. 11-15.
Frontispiece I II  Title-Page II  Prefatory material
Book I
1 Chaos - Creation II i ii  2 Creation of Man II i ii  3 Ages of the World II i ii  4 Seasons of the Year II i ii  5 Pandora II  6 The Giants II i ii  7 Lycaon into a Wolf II i ii  8 The Flood II i ii  9 Deucalion and Pyrrha II i ii  10 Python II i ii  11 Apollo and Cupid's Quarrel II i ii  12 Daphne into a Laurel Tree II i ii  13 Argus into a Peacock II i ii  14 Syrinx into a Reed II i ii  15 Epaphus and Phaethon II i ii  16 Io Transformed to a Deity II i ii 
Book II
17 Phaethon's Fall II i ii  18 Heliades into Poplars II i ii  19 Callisto into a Bear II i ii  20 Arcas into a Heavenly Constellation II i ii  21 Apollo's Raven II i ii  22 Nyctimene into a Nightowl II i ii  23 Ocyrrhoe into a Horse II i ii  24 Apollo into a Herdsman II  25 Battus into a Touchstone II i ii  26 Aglauros into a Rock II i ii  27 Jupiter into a Bull I II i ii 
Book III
28 The Sown Dragon's Teeth II i ii  29 Erichthonius II i ii  30 Leander and Hero II  31 Actaeon into a Stag II i ii  32 Semele Is Burned Up II i ii  33 The Birth of Bacchus II i ii  34 Tiresias into a Woman II i ii  35 The Judgment of Tiresias II i ii  36 Echo into a Voice I II i ii  37 Narcissus into a Flower II i ii  38 Pentheus Torn to Pieces II i ii  39 Sailors Transformed into Dolphins II i ii   
Book IV
40 Minyeides Transformed into Bats II i ii  41 Derceto and Nais Transformed into Fish II i ii  42 Semiramis into a Dove II i ii  43 Pyramus and Thisbe I II i ii  44 Mars and Venus II i ii  45 Clytie into a Sunflower II i ii  46 Leucothoe into an Incense Tree II i ii  47 Daphnis into a Stone II i ii  48 Celmus into a Diamond II  49 Crocus and Smilax Transformed into Flowers II  50 Scython Suddenly a Man Then a Woman I II  51 Hermaphroditus II i ii  52 Athamas Driven Mad II i ii  53 Ino and Melicerte into Sea-Gods II i ii  54 Ino's Attendants Become Rocks, and Some Birds II i ii  55 Cadmus and Hermione into Snakes II i ii  56 Jupiter into a Golden Shower II i ii  57 From Medusa's Blood Springs the Winged Horse II i ii  58 Medusa's Hair Transformed into Serpents II i ii  59 Polydectes into a Stone II i ii  60 Atlas Turned into a Mountain I II i ii  61 Andromeda II i ii  62 Medusa's Head Generates Coral II i ii 
Book V
63 Phineus into a Rock II i ii  64 Proetus into a Rock II i ii  65 The Muses Turn themselves into Birds II i ii  66 The Pierides Transformed into Magpies II ii  67 The Giants' Feigned Triumphs II i ii  68 The Rape of Persephone II i ii  69 Cyane into a Fountain II i ii  70 Minthe into a Mint-Plant II  71 The Boy Stelles into a Lizard II i ii  72 Ascalaphus into a Screech-Owl II i ii  73 The Sirens II i ii  74 Arethusa into a Fountain II i ii  75 Lyncus into a Lynx II i ii 
Book VI
76 Arachne into a Spider II i ii  77 Haemus and Rhodope into Mountains II i ii  78 The Contest between Neptune and Minerva II i ii  79 Pygme into a Crane II i ii  80 Antigone into a Stork II i ii  81 Cynaras II i ii  82 Asterie into a Hawk II  83 Jupiter into a Swan II i ii  84 Jupiter into a Satyr I II  85 Jupiter into the Figure of Amphitryo II  86 Jupiter into Fire II  87 Jupiter into a Serpent II  88 Apollo into a Shepherd II i ii  89 Saturn into a Horse II i ii  90 Neptune into a Dolphin II i ii  91 Bacchus into a Vine I II i ii  92 Neptune into a Horse II i ii  93 Jupiter into a Herdsman II  94 Neptune into the Figure of the River Enipeus II i ii  95 Neptune into a Ram II i ii  96 Neptune into a Young Bull II i ii  97 Niobe into a Stone II i ii  98 Amphion II  99 Rude Peasants to Frogs II i ii  100 Marsyas Flayed I II i ii  101 Tantalus Plagued with Constant Hunger and Thirst II  102 Pelops Slaughtered but Brought Back to Life by the Gods II i ii  103 Philomela into a Nightingale II i ii  104 Minos Aeacus and Rhadamanthus II  105 Danaides II  106 Oreithuia I II i ii 
Book VII
107 The Harpies II i ii  108 The Golden Fleece II i ii  109 Cerberus' Slaver into a Poisonous Plant I II i ii  110 The Three Fates I II  111 Aeson Rejuvenated II i ii  112 The Daughters of Pelias I II i ii  113 Bacchus' Nurses Rejuvenated I II  114 The Chimaera I II  115 The Nymph Hyrie's Son into a Swan II i ii  116 Cerambus into a Bird I II i ii  117 Compe into a Bird I II  118 A Bull into a Stag II  119 A Dragon into a Rock II  120 Women of Cos into Cows II  121 Telchines into Rocks II  122 Menephron into a Wild Animal II  123 Eumelus' Daughter into a Bird I III  124 Scyron into a Rock II i ii  125 Arne into a Jackdaw II  126 Mera into a Dog II  127 Tithonus into a Grasshopper II  128 Myrmidons II i ii  129 Cephalus and Procris II i ii  130 Procris Is Shot II i ii 
131 The Fatal Lock II i ii  132 Pasiphae I II i ii  133 The Labyrinth I II  134 Ariadne Abandoned I II  135 Bacchus and Ariadne I II i ii  136 Ariadne's Crown into a Constellation II  137 Icarus II i ii  138 Perdix into a Partridge II i ii  139 The Brand of Meleager I II i ii  140 Perimele into an Island II i ii  141 Baucis and Philemon into Trees II i ii  142 Erysichthon the Ravenous II i ii  [142a Metra Sold by her Father i ii ]  143 Proteus II i ii 
Book IX
144 Achelous Transforms Himself into an Ox II i ii  145 Horn of Plenty I II i ii  146 Alcidamas' Daughter II  147 Lichas into a Rock I II i ii  148 The Death of Hercules II i ii  149 Galanthis into a Weasel II i ii  150 The Feats of Hercules I II i ii  151 Hercules Exchanges his Club for a Distaff II  152 Antaeus Crushed II  153 Ixion I II  154 Dryope into a Tree II i ii  155 Amphiaraus the Soothsayer II  156 Callirhoe II  157 Byblis into a Fountain I II i ii  158 Iolaus Rejuvenated II i ii  159 Iphis Takes a Man's Form II i ii 
Book X
160 Orpheus II i ii  161 Orpheus Journeys to Hell II i ii  162 Attis into a Pine-Tree II  163 Thracian Women into Trees II i ii  164 Olenus and Lethaea into Rocks II i ii  165 Cyparissus into a Cypress-Tree II i ii  166 The Furies II  167 Ganymede I II i ii  168 Hyacinthus into a Flower I II i ii  169 The Cerastae I II i ii  170 The Propoetides into Rocks II i ii  171 Pygmalion II i ii  172 Myrrha into a Tree II i ii  173 Adonis into a Flower II i ii  174 Atalanta II i ii 
Book XI
175 Midas I II i ii  176 The Reeds Learn to Talk II i ii  177 Neptune and Apollo to Masons II i ii  178 Thetis Transforms Herself into Many Shapes II i ii  179 Chione II i ii  180 Daedalion into a Bird of Prey II i ii  181 A Sea-Wolf into a Stone II i ii  182 Penelope II  183 Endymion I II  184 Ceyx and Alcyone into Kingfishers II i ii  185 Aesacus into a Diver-Bird II i ii 
Book XII
186 Iphigenia II i ii  187 The Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs II i ii  188 Cylarus and Hylonome II i ii  189 Caeneus One of the Guests Could Not be Wounded I II i ii  190 Achilles in Women's Clothing I II  191 The Death of Achilles I II i ii 
192 The Quarrel over Achilles' Weapons II i ii  193 Polyxena II i ii  194 Hecuba into a Dog II i ii  195 Memnon's Ashes into Birds I II i ii  196 Anius' Daughters to Doves I II i ii  197 Orion's Daughters into Youths II i ii  198 The Judgment of Paris I II [ i ]  199 The Ambracian Judge into Stone II  200 Glaucus into a Sea-God I II i ii  201 Acis and Galatea III i ii 
Book XIV
202 Scylla into a Rock II i ii  203 Cecropes into Apes II i ii  204 Ulysses' Comrades into Swine II i ii  205 Picus into a Woodpecker II i ii  206 Canens into Air II i ii  207 Diomedes' Men into Hawks II i ii  208 The Apulian into a Wild Olive I II i ii  209 The City Ardea into a Bird II i ii  210 Aeneas into a God II i ii  211 The Winds Shut in a Bag II  212 Aeneas' Ships into Nymphs I II i ii  213 The Sibyl No More Than a Voice I II i ii  214 Anaxarete into a Stone II i ii  215 Before Mycilus Black Stones into White II i ii  216 Vertumnus and Pomona II i ii 
Book XV
217 Cippus Grows Horns II i ii  218 Periclymenus into an Eagle II i ii  219 Hersilia into a Deity II i ii  220 Egeria into a Fountain II i ii  221 Tages II i ii  222 Romulus' Spear into a Tree II i ii  223 Pythagoras II i ii  224 Virbius or Twice-Born II i ii  225 Aesculapius God of Healing in the Form of a Snake II i ii  226 Julius Caesar into a Comet II i ii   
Final rondeaux  Index
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