Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide, traduites en François, avec ... des explications historiques, par M. l'Abbé Banier ... nouvelle édition, 2 vols. (Paris, 1757, repr. 1787; plates here scanned from the later edition)
Frontispiece   Lycaon   Phaethon   Semele   Andromeda   Proserpina   Marsyas   Cephalus and Procris   Meleager and Atalanta   Nessus the Centaur   Venus and Adonis   Midas Punished   Neptune and Caenis   Achilles Discovered   Ulysses' Men into Pigs   Aesculapius into a Serpent  
These poor efforts are weaker examples of a 16-plate cycle already accompanying a budget Wetsteins-Smith Banier from Amsterdam (
1732, frontisp. signed "I. C. Philips ... 1731"), which we reproduce only in part:
Frontispiece Lycaon Andromeda Proserpina Marsyas Meleager and Atalanta Nessus the Centaur Midas Punished Neptune and Caenis Ulysses' Men into Pigs
A better-reengraved series, which we also post only in part, appears with the 1806 reprint of Fontanelle's translation in French:
Frontispiece Lycaon Phaethon Semele Andromeda Proserpina Marsyas Cephalus and Procris Meleager and Atalanta
The earliest editions of Fontanelle involved a largely distinct range of fifteen vignettes, signed by Zocchi and Gregori, which we here reproduce from the Lille first edition of 1767 (1 & 2) with the Book XV plate from the reprint of 1772:
Title-Page 1 Frontispiece 1 - Ovid Title-Page 2 Frontispiece 2 - Fontanelle The War of the Giants Europa Actaeon Andromeda Perseus & Phineas Marsyas Ants into Men Bacchus and Ariadne Hercules, Deianeira, and Nessus Pygmalion and Galatea The Death of Orpheus The Sacrifice of Iphigenia The Arms of Achilles; Troy's Fall The Sacrifice of Polyxena The Teachings of Pythagoras

Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide, traduites ... par M. l'Abbé Banier, avec figures gravées par Coiny d'après les desseins de M. Renaud (Paris, 1787)
The 33 engravings digitized here, from vol. I of the text, illustrate just two books of the Metamorphoses; in a very small format (75 mm x 120 mm) also issued alone as Figures des Métamorphoses d'Ovide (52 engravings total), these plates rival the much larger-format engravings comprised in the more famous Métamorphoses gravées also published with Banier's French rendering two decades before. Though the later engravings routinely engage the designs of the earlier volume, they are anything but servile copies; this is one of the finest Ovid cycles of all, and well worth further study.
The World Emerging from Chaos   Creation of Man   The Golden Age   The Silver and Bronze Ages   The Iron Age   The Giants   The Council of the Gods   Lycaon into a Wolf   The Flood   Neptune Calming the Flood   Deucalion and Pyrrha   Apollo -- the Serpent Python   Apollo -- Daphne   Jupiter Ravishing Io   Io into a Cow   Syrinx into a Reed   Mercury Killing Argus   Io Restored
Phaethon's Request   Phaethon's Fall   Phaethon's Sisters   Jupiter Ravishing Callisto   Diana Discovering Callisto's Pregnancy   Callisto into a Bear   Coronis into a Crow   Nyctimene into a Screech-Owl   Ocyrrhoe into a Mare   Apollo into a Shepherd   Battus into a Stone   Mercury Falls in Love with Herse   Minerva Visiting Envy   Aglauros into a Stone   Jupiter Ravishing Europa

Les Métamorphoses ... avec des remarques et des explications historiques ... nouvelle édition ... ornée de 16 figures en taille-douce, d'après B. Picart, tr. l'Abbé Banier (Paris, 1799)

The Council of the Gods   The Four Ages   Mercury Steals Apollo's Cattle   Diana Bathing with her Nymphs   Cadmus and Hermione Changed into Serpents   The Rape of Proserpina   Marsyas Flayed by Apollo   Hercules Chains Cerberus   Philemon and Baucis   Dryope Changed into a Tree   Silenus Presented to Midas   Caenis Changed into a Weaponproof Man   Glaucus Changed into a Sea-God   Pomona and Vertumnus   Aesculapius Changed into a Serpent

Anon., Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide ornées de 138 gravures d'après Sébastien Le Clerc, précedée de la vie d'Ovide et d'une abrégé de l'histoire poétique, 2 vols. (Paris, 1801)

Frontispiece: Pandora   Title-Page   Life of Ovid   Summary of Poetical History or of Pagan Divinities
Distribution of the Elements   Creation of Man   The Four Ages   The Four Seasons   The Giants   Lycaon   The Flood   Repeopling the Earth   Python   Apollo and Daphne   Jupiter and Io   Pan and Syrinx
Phaethon's Fall   Phaethon's Sisters   Cygnus   Callisto Changed into a Bear   The Raven   Coronis Changed into a Crow   Ocyrrhoe Changed into a Mare   Battus Changed into a Touchstone   Aglauros Turned to Stone   Jupiter in Love with Europa
Cadmus   Actaeon into a Stag   Semele   Echo   Narcissus Changed into a Flower   Bacchus and Pentheus   Sailors Changed into Dolphins   Pentheus Torn to Pieces
Minyades   Pyramus and Thisbe   Leucothoe and Clytie   Ino and Melicerte   Description of Hell   Cadmus and Hermione Changed into Serpents   Jupiter and Danae   Perseus and Medusa   Atlas   Perseus and Andromeda
Phineus   Polydectes Turned to Stone   Pyreneus and the Muses   Pierides   Typhon   Pluto and Proserpina   Steles into a Lizard   Ascalaphus into a Screech-Owl   Sirens Changed into Fish   Arethusa Changed into a Fountain   Lyncus Changed into a Lynx
Arachne   Niobe   Peasants Changed into Frogs   The Satyr Marsyas   Pelops   Boreas and Orithyia
Harpies   The Golden Fleece   Jason and Medea   Aeson Rejuvenated   Bacchus' Nurses Rejuvenated   The Nymph Hyrie and her Son   Ants Changed into Men   Cephalus and Procris   Procris' Death
Nisus and Scylla   Theseus   Daedalus, Icarus, and Perdix   Meleager and Atalanta   Achelous and Perimele   Philemon and Baucis   Proteus   Erysichthon and Metra
Hercules and Achelous   Nessus the Centaur   Lychas Turned to Stone   Hercules Made Immortal   Lucina and Galanthis   Dryope and Priapus   Iphis and Ianthis
Orpheus and Eurydice   Attis Changed into a Pine   Cyparissus   Ganymede   Hyacinthus   Cerastae Changed into Bulls   Pygmalion   Adonis   Atalanta and Hippomenes
Orpheus and the Bacchantes   Midas   Talking Reeds   Laomedon and Hesione   Thetis and Peleus   Daedalion and Chione   Ceyx and Alcyone   Aesacus and Hesperie
A Snake Turned to Stone   Iphigeneia   Cygnus   Centaurs and Lapiths   Caenis   Periclymenes   The Death of Achilles
Ulysses and Ajax   Hecuba Changed into a Bitch   Memnon   Aeneas' Escape   Daughters of Annius   Daughters of Orion   Acis, Polyphemus, and Galatea   Glaucus
Scylla   The Cecropes   The Cumaean Sibyl   Aeneas' Descent into Hell   Ulysses   Ulysses' Comrades Turned into Swine   Picus Turned into a Woodpecker   The Birds of Diomedes   Aeneas' Ships Changed into Nymphs   A Shepherd Changed into an Olive-Tree   Aeneas Deified   Vertumnus and Pomona   Iphis and Anaxarete   Romulus and Hersilia
Mycillus   Pythagoras   Numa Pompilius   Hippolytus   The Nymph Egeria   Tages   The Spear of Romulus   Cippus Venelius   Aesculapius   Julius Caesar   The Judgment of Paris

Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide, choix de seize fables, illus. Jean A. Mercier, tr. l'Abbé Banier [Paris, 1946]

Venus and Adonis   Latona Turns Peasants to Frogs   Salmacis and Hermaphroditus   Narcissus Changed into a Flower   Theseus and the Minotaur   Galatea and Polyphemus   Pygmalion in Love with a Statue   Icarus, his Fall   Atalanta and the Golden Apples   Syrinx Changed into a Reed   Pyramus and Thisbe   Daphne Changed into a Laurel   Cyparissus Changed into a Cypress   Europa, her Rape   Perseus and Andromeda   Actaeon Changed to a Stag  

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