Ovid Illustrated: The Reception of Ovid's Metamorphoses in Image and Text

Ovid's Metamorphoses in Latin and English ... with ... Explications of the Fables ... by the Abbot Banier, illus. B. Picart et al., Amsterdam, Wetsteins and Smith, 1732
D. C. Allen (197 n.) derives about half of the many single-episode plates in this volume from Du Ryer's edition of 1702; of Du Ryer's plates many derive from the Diepenbeeck-based first edition of M. des Marolles' Temple des Muses (Paris, 1655), reengraved by Picart et al. as De Tempel der Zang-Godinen (Amsterdam, 1732).

Book I

Chaos  Creation of Man  The Golden Age  Silver, Brazen, and Iron Ages  War of the Giants   Assembly of the Gods  Lycaon into a Wolf  The Flood  Flood's End  Deucalion and Pyrrha  Daphne into a Laurel  Io Pursued  Io into a Cow  Syrinx into a Reed  Argus Killed  Argus' Eyes Transposed, Io Restored 

Book II

Phaethon Seeks his Father  Phaethon Carried Away  Phaethon Felled, Phaethon's Sisters Transformed  Jupiter in Love with Callisto  Callisto Discovered  Callisto into a Bear  Coronis into a Crow  Nyctimine into an Owl, Coronis Transfixed  Ocyrrhoe into a Mare  Mercury Steals Apollo's Oxen  Mercury in Love with Herse  Minerva Visits Envy  The Rape of Europa 

Book III

Cadmus Goes in Search of Europa  Cadmus Kills Mars' Dragon  Diana and Actaeon  Actaeon into a Stag  Jupiter Inveigles Semele  Jupiter's Lightning Visit with Semele  Echo into a Voice  Narcissus into a Flower  The Triumph of Bacchus  Pentheus Torn Apart 

Book IV

The Death of Pyramus and Thisbe  Mars Taken with Venus  Leucothoe into a Spice-Tree, Clytie into a Sunflower  Salmacis and Hermaphroditus  Athamas and Ino Driven Mad  Cadmus and Hermione into Serpents  Atlas into a Mountain  Perseus and Andromeda 

Book V

Phineus Disrupts Perseus' Wedding  Phineus and Friends into Stone  Minerva Visits the Muses  Pluto in Love  The Rape of Proserpina  Ascalaphus into an Owl, the Sirens into Birds  Arethusa Pursued by Alpheus  Lyncus into a Lynx 

Book VI

Minerva and Arachne  The Children of Niobe  Lycian Peasants into Frogs  Marsyas Flayed by Apollo  The Marriage of Tereus and Procne   Itys Slain, Procne, Philomel, and Tereus Transformed  The Rape of Orithyia 

Book VII

Jason Puts the Dragon to Sleep  Medea Rejuvenates Aeson  Medea's Revenge on Jason  Hercules and Cerberus  The Embassy of Cephalus  Ants into Men  Cephalus and Aurora  Procris' Death 


Nisus and Scylla  Theseus, Ariadne, and the Minotaur  Daedalus and Icarus  Meleager and Atalanta 1  Meleager and Atalanta 2  Meleager and Atalanta 3  Meleager and Atalanta 4  Meleager and Atalanta 5  Meleager and Atalanta 6  Meleager and Atalanta 7  Achelous and Theseus  Philemon and Baucis  Erisichthon Is Famished 

Book IX

Achelous and Hercules  Nessus and Deianira  Rape of Deianira and Death of Hercules  Birth of Hercules  Dryope into a Tree  The Passion of Byblis  Isis Appears to Telethusa in a Dream 

Book X

The Death of Eurydice  Orpheus in Hell  Orpheus Charms the Beasts with his Lyre  Cyparissus into a Cypress  The Rape of Ganymede  The Death of Hyacinthus  Cerastae into Bulls, Propoetides into Rocks  Pygmalion in Love with a Statue  Myrrha into a Tree, and the Birth of Adonis  Venus in Love with Adonis  Venus and Adonis  Hippomenes and Atalanta  The Death of Adonis 

Book XI

Orpheus Killed by the Bacchantes  Silenus Presented to King Midas  Pan's Music-Match with Apollo  Peleus and Thetis  The Cave of Sleep  Aesacus and Hesperia 

Book XII

The Sacrifice of Iphigenia  Neptune Loves Cenis 


Ajax and Ulysses   Achilles Transvested  The Sacrifice of Polyxena  Aeneas Flees Troy  Acis, Galatea, and Polyphemus  Glaucus into a Sea-God 

Book XIV

Scylla into a Monster  The Death of Dido  Apollo and the Sibyl  Ulysses among the Laestrygons  Circe's Entertainment  Picus and Canens  A Shepherd into an Olive  Aeneas' Ships into Nymphs  Vertumnus and Pomona  Iphis and Anaxarete 

Book XV

The Death of Hippolytus  Aesculapius into a Serpent  The Death and Apotheosis of Julius Caesar 

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