Nicholas Renouard, Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide, Traduites en Prose Françoise, et de nouveau soigneusement reveues, corrigées en infinis endroits, et enrichies de figures a chacune Fable. Avec XV. Discours Contenans l'Explication Morale et Historique...., ill. Jean Mathieu (Paris, 1637; extends 1st illust. ed. = 1619; with precursor Tempesta cf. Henkel 102-03; also see Japanese online version = 1651, along with likely parodies of Renouard's Book I illustrations in Charles Coypeau d' Assoucy's L'Ovide en belle humeur, 2nd ed. (Paris, 1653), hosted by Google Books)

Book I
The World Emerging from Chaos   Creation of Man   The Golden Age   The Silver Age   The Bronze and Iron Ages   The Giants   Lycaon into a Wolf   The Flood   Deucalion and Pyrrha   Apollo -- the Serpent Python   Apollo -- Daphne   Argus -- Mercury -- Io -- Jupiter
Book II
Phaethon's Fall   Cygnus -- Phaethon's Sisters   Callisto into a Bear   Erichthonius Is Shut in a Chest   Neptune -- Coronis   Apollo -- Coronis   Ocyrrhoe into a Mare   Battus into a Stone   Mercury Falls in Love with Herse   Aglauros into a Stone   Jupiter -- Europa
Book III
Cadmus the Dragonslayer   Actaeon into a Stag   Jupiter -- Semele   Narcissus into a Flower   Bacchus -- Pentheus   Sailors into Dolphins
Book IV
Bacchantes -- Minyades   Pyramus -- Thisbe   Mars and Venus Surprized   Hermaphroditus -- Salmacis   Ino -- Athamas   Cadmus -- Hermione   Danae -- Perseus -- Atlas   Andromeda   Pegasus -- Medusa -- Perseus
Book V
Perseus -- Phineus   The Flying Muses   The Muses and the Pierides  The Rape of Proserpina   Stelles into a Lizard   Ascalaphus into a Screech-owl   The Sirens into Monsters   Alpheus -- Arethusa   Lyncus -- Triptolemus
Book VI
Minerva -- Arachne   Niobe   Rustics into Frogs   Marsyas   Tereus -- Procne -- Philomela   Rape of Orithyia
Book VII
Jason Puts the Dragon to Sleep   Old Aeson Is Rejuvenated   Pelias Killed by his Daughters   Hiere into a Fountain   The Cruelty of Medea   The Birth of the Myrmidons   Procris -- Cephalus   Procris' Death
Minos -- Scylla   The Minotaur -- Theseus   Icarus -- Daedalus   Althea -- Meleager  Perimele -- Achelous  Philemon -- Baucis  Erysichthon
Book IX
Achelous -- Hercules   Hercules -- Nessus   Lychas Hurled into the Waves   Deification of Hercules   Alcmene In Labor   Dryope into a Tree   Biblis into a Fountain   Iphis -- Ianthe
Book X
Eurydice Led Out of Hell   Orpheus Charming the Animals and the Trees   Cyparissus into a Tree   Rape of Ganymede   Hyacinthus into a Flower   Pygmalion -- the Propoetides   Myrrha into a Tree   Adonis Loved by Venus   Atalanta -- Hippomenes   Adonis into a Flower
Book XI
The Dismemberment of Orpheus   Midas -- Bacchus   The Judgment of Midas   Neptune Ravaging the Fields of Troy   Marriage of Thetis and Peleus   Peleus -- Phoebe -- Chione   A Wolf into Stone   Halcyone into a Halcyon   Aesacus into a Diver-Bird
Book XII
The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia   Cygnus into a Swan   The Battle of the Lapiths  Periclymenus into an Eagle  The Death of Achilles
Ajax's Quarrel with Ulysses   Ajax Kills Himself   Hecuba from a Queen to a Slave   Murder of Polydorus   The Sacrifice of Polyxena   Hecuba -- Polydorus Dead   Embers of Memnon's Pyre into Birds   Aeneas' Piety   The Aniades into Doves  The Daughters of Orion into Garlanded Youths  Acis into a River   Scylla -- Glaucus
Book XIV
Scylla into a Sea-Monster  The Cercopes into Apes  Apollo -- the Sybil   The Cyclops Eating Men   Ulysses' Crew into Swine   Picus into a Woodpecker  The Tiber -- Canens  Diomedes' Crew into Birds   A Herdsman into a Wild-Olive   The Ships of Aeneas into Nymphs  Ardea Burned into a Bird   Aeneas Immortalized   Vertumnus into an Old Woman   Anaxarete into a Stone   The Deification of Romulus   Hersilia into a Goddess
Book XV
Crowning of Numa -- Micyllus   Numa -- Pythagoras   Hippolytus Brought Back to Life   Egeria -- Tages   Cippus Sporting Horns   Aesculapius into a Serpent   Julius Caesar into a Star

Parodic Book I Illustrations from Charles Coypeau d' Assoucy's L'Ovide en belle humeur, 2nd ed. (Paris, 1653), hosted by Google Books

Frontispiece   Title-page   The World Emerging from Chaos   The Golden Age   The Iron Age   The Giants   Lycaon into a Wolf   The Flood   Apollo -- the Serpent Python   Argus -- Mercury -- Io

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