Ovid Illustrated: The Reception of Ovid's
Metamorphoses in Image and Text

Guillaume T. de Villenave, tr., Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide: traduction nouvelle avec le texte Latin, suivie d'une analyse de l'explication des fables ... ornée de gravures d'après les dessins de ... Lebarbier [et al.], 4 vols. (Paris, 1806-07)

Three and sometimes all four volumes of Villenave's lavish translation with facing Latin text are available via Google Books; click here for a description in French of the four-volume work, and click here for a digitized version of Villenave's translation itself with a more critical text of the Latin. The illustrators of 1806-07 clearly know the distinguished Métamorphoses Gravées (1770) but display independence and flair of their own; many plates in our copy of Vol. IV (Books XII-XV, 1806) are perplexingly dated 1820 or 1821 and may well represent reengravings from some earlier issue.
Other French versions of the Metamorphoses also via Google Books:
Du Ryer 1666/1693 // Banier 1732/1757 // Fontanelle 1767/1802 (1 2 3 4) // Desaintange 1800/1808 // Gros 1835-37 (1 3), 2 of 3 volumes out of Panckoucke's 8-vol. bilingual edition, & 1866, oddly abbreviated // Puget et al. 1876

Frontispiece   Ovid and Venus his Muse   Ovid Departs into Exile   Ovid Crowned by the Sarmatians
Distribution of the Elements   Prometheus Creates Man in God's Image   The Golden Age   The Silver Age   The Bronze Age   The Iron Age   The Giants   The Gods in Council   Lycaon   The Flood   Neptune Calming the Waves   Repeopling the Earth   Python   Daphne and her Father Peneus   Apollo and Daphne   Jupiter and Io   Io into a Cow   Pan and Syrinx   Mercury Beheads Argus   Phaethon's Mother in Egypt
Phaethon's Request   Phaethon's Ride   Phaethon's Fall   Jupiter and Callisto    Diana Discovers Callisto's Pregnancy     Callisto Changed into a Bear   Aglauros Exposes Erichthonius   Coronis Changed into a Crow   Apollo Regrets Killing Coronis   Ocyrrhoe Changed into a Mare   Battus Changed into a Touchstone   Mercury Falls in Love with Herse   Athena Visits Envy's Cave   Jupiter in Love with Europa
Cadmus Consults the Oracle   Cadmus Kills the Dragon   Cadmus Sows the Dragon's Teeth   Actaeon into a Stag   Actaeon Torn Apart by his Hounds   Semele Deceived   Semele Burned in Jove's Embrace   Echo   Narcissus Changed into a Flower   The Triumph of Bacchus   Pentheus Torn to Pieces
Minyades   Pyramus and Thisbe   Mars and Venus Discovered   Sol and Leucothoe   Salmacis and Hermaphroditus   Juno Goes to Hell   Athamas Insane   Ino's Leap   Cadmus into a Serpent   Atlas   Perseus and Andromeda
Phineus   Phineus Turned to Stone   Athena and the Muses   Venus, Cupid, and Pluto   Pluto, Proserpina, and Cyane   Steles into a Lizard   Arethusa Talks with Ceres   Arethusa into a Fountain   Lyncus Changed into a Lynx
Arachne   Niobe   Peasants Changed into Frogs   The Satyr Marsyas   Procne Rescues Philomela   Boreas and Orithyia
Jason and the Colchian Bulls   Aeson Rejuvenated   Medea Kills her Children   Hercules Drags Cerberus from Hell   Aeacus Asks Cephalus for Support   Ants into Men   Cephalus and Aurora   Procris' Death
Nisus and Scylla   Theseus and the Minotaur   Bacchus and Ariadne   Daedalus and Icarus   Meleager and Atalanta   Achelous at Table   Philemon and Baucis
Hercules and Achelous   Nessus and Deianira   Hercules on the Pyre   Alcmena's Delivery   Dryope    Byblis into a Fountain
Eurydice Bitten by a Serpent   Orpheus Looks Back at Eurydice   Ganymede   Pygmalion   The Birth of Adonis   Venus and Adonis   Atalanta and Hippomenes   The Death of Adonis
Orpheus and the Bacchantes   Silenus and Midas   The Judgment of Midas   Ceyx and Alcyone
Iphigeneia   The Battle for Troy   Cygnus   The Lapiths and the Centaurs   Periclymenes   The Death of Achilles
Achilles Disguised and Discovered   Ulysses and Rhesus   The Death of Ajax   Ulysses and Philoctetes   The Death of Astyanax   The Death of Polydorus   Achilles' Ghost Calls for Polyxena   The Death of Polyxena   Hecuba's Revenge on Polymestor   The Piety of Aeneas   Acis, Galatea, Polyphemus   Sea-god Glaucus and Scylla
Aeneas and the Sibyl   Polyphemus, Ulysses, Aeneas   Picus and Circe   Aeneas Buries his Nurse   A Shepherd Changed into an Olive-Tree   Aeneas' Ships Changed into Nymphs   Vertumnus and Pomona   The Deification of Aeneas   Iphis and Anaxarete   The Deification of Romulus
Mycillus   Pythagoras   Egeria Mourning Numa   Hippolytus   Cippus Venelius   Aesculapius   The Death of Julius Caesar   The Deification of Julius Caesar

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